The Kiva iPhone App (is probably now SO out of date. Sorry!)

News: Our Kiva iPhone App is now live! Try it here and give us feedback! 

About Kiva Lender: The Kiva iPhone App

We want to help spread Kiva by providing an amazing iPhone app experience. The more people we enable to spread the word about Kiva, the more loans will be given, and the more lives will be changed. See how that works? We believe the change can start here.

An Open Source Project

The Kiva iPhone App is proud to be an open source project (or as open as one can be in the app store!) that’s looking for a few good engineers to help get us thrive. We just launched, but want to keep getting better and better until the app is a robust lean mean loan-generating machine!

Help Spread Kiva

If you’d like to: get your feet wet in app development, help millions of people give loans, develop a killer mobile app, or just become even more of a coding rockstar, contact us to see how you can contribute to this open source project. We're currently looking for designers.

           Check out the source code here

Feature Overview


News feed from current lending groups complete with embedded video


Real-time feed of entrepreneurs looking for loans. Browse or search through this list as it grows.


Contributors, about the project, etc.

See what we're working on here.


Download the current Kiva iPhone App: "Kiva Lender"

Created as part of the efforts — Content created and posted by the Kiva iPhone Project and its contributors is dedicated to the public domain

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